Young Warrior Project

Young Warrior Project Person The Young Warrior Project

The young warrior project was brought into development out of concern for the troubling state of teenage boys. Boys complete suicide far more often than girls and statistically, boys are struggling and failing. Boys are far more likely to fall behind in school and drop out. They are far more likely to become homeless, addicted and incarcerated as adults.

We recognize that boys are acting out and we recognize that much of their behavior is poor but we also recognize that nobody is motivated in a positive way by being condemned or punished. We believe that boys must be taught, mentored and supported so The Young Warrior Project was born.

The Young Warriors start by understanding that the most important battles that must be fought and won are the battles within. They create peace but they must first start inwardly.

Who & What Is Your Warrior Archetype?
Who Do I Want To Be Like?

Identify the traits first and then choose an archetype that fits that traits.

Examples: Spartan warrior (Leonidas), Batman, Samurai,

Finding and building the self:

Developing warrior traits:

  • The first and most important battle is self-mastery
  • The warrior immerses in self-awareness; he knows that the hardest battles are fought within.
  • The warrior can be deadly but is also infinitely compassionate.
  • He holds many values
  • He honors and respects others but first himself
  • The warrior exercises courage
  • He shows integrity by being true to himself first
  • He tells the truth; honesty without compassion is cruelty
  • He is the change that he wishes to see in the world; he seeks to make changes within before trying to change the world
  • The warrior never starts a fight but he does not back down when the fight comes to him
  • He never starts violence
  • He never takes advantage of the weak
  • He does not view kindness as weakness
  • Temperance; self-control

Thank you from all of here at the Resiliency Alliance.