Parents Not Understanding You & Or Your Friends?

 Would You Like To Request A Parent Seminar For Greater Understanding?

One of our goals at The Resiliency Alliance is to bridge the gap between teens and parents. One of the most troubling trends is the apparent chasm between teens and adults, especially their parents. Teens are refusing to talk to adults if they feel down, hopeless or thinking about suicide.

So many parents feel blindsided when their teen has any major problems and sadly, when a teen commits suicide, many parents report that they had no idea. There are reasons why teens are refusing to talk to parents and adults. Our goal is to work to solve these issues by bringing parents and teens closer together. Parents are the first and most effective interventionists and are the ones that are the most likely to save the lives of the teens that are in trouble.

What do parents need to know?

Parents can make changes that can make a big difference. At The Resiliency Alliance, we are dedicated to providing parents with crucial information, information that we believe is the most vital for helping and supporting their struggling teens. Please download and review our free resilience parent packet. Some of the information we offer includes the following:

  • Resources for effective interventions.
  • Articles about parenting, including information on more effective listening, what teens are saying about and why they won’t talk to their parents, increasing their own teenagers resiliency and so much more.

Parent Seminar

If you are interested in a parent seminar in which a licensed therapist presents a 90 minute seminar to parents about teen issues and teen suicide. Information is provided and the most important points are covered along with some question and answer time provided at the end. If you would like to request a parent seminar, fill out the form provided after which you will be contacted as soon as possible.