Our Core Values

RA Core Values What Are Our Core Values

Here at the RA we have core values that we rely on that render an outline of our direction.

  • We refuse to engage in the blaming and finger pointing that is currently pervading the discussions around teen suicide and mental health.
  • We are dedicated to creating unity around this central issue regardless of social or political opinions.
  • Focus on the personal strengths and positives within individuals and families and building on them.
  • Change will happen when we combine our individual strengths and contributions.
  • Promoting principles and practices that increase resiliency for individuals and families.
  • We choose to focus on our own personal strengths and abilities to adapt and overcome. We cannot make the world or people around us change; we can only change ourselves.
  • Our youth are incredibly important to us. We want them to know that we are ready and willing to fight for them.

The Resiliency Alliance

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