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Hello my name is Greg Kapitan. In life we all have a story, often called a path. One day in a networking group in Utah I met a man name Scott Carter. He is part of our business networking group. Scott shared with us his passion for mental health well being. We instantly became friends after getting to know one another’s story and passion.

Scott and I drifted apart a bit for a few years as we were both busy with our individual lives. We stayed in touch on social media. One day Scott shared with me some of this ideas about teen suicide and his increased understanding as he was spending more time in this field. I told him that we need to have dinner to discuss further face to face.

Our First Meeting With Scott About The Resiliency Alliance

It was late September in 2017 when Scott, myself and my wife Michelle got together and visited over dinner in Salt Lake City Utah. Scott expressed to us how he noticed that there was a need with the youth and teens of Utah and around the world that traditional mental health counseling was not addressing. He expressed how the youth and teens need to be taught how to become more resilient to the elements. This can range from parents being to busy to be with their children, feeling rejected, peer pressure, bullying etc…

So Inspired We Took Notes

My wife and I were so inspired and thrilled by what were were hearing from Scott! This was new and a cutting edge approach to mental health as I would call it. We liked how this method of counseling went right to the core of a person and taught them to become more resilient to the external forces that these teens were feeling. They would be more prepared to act instead of react to a situation. Needless to say we were hooked and instantly wanted to get involved.

I Am Only One Person Scott Expressed

Scott was taking on the load of teaching, counseling, marketing this new resiliency path and was overwhelmed. We expressed to him that… “we were in 100% to help”. We (Greg & Michelle Kapitan) did not need any money to help with marketing, publishing, building his website etc. This we would do out of love, passion and in agreement that this resiliency alliance path is needed in the state of Utah as well the world over.

The Resiliency Alliance Site Is Published November 10th 2017

My wife and I after meeting with Scott moved temporary to Washing state for a business venture. This was in late October 2017.  On November 10 2017 the Resiliency Alliance website was published! Through the website is up and live, we are constantly adding content, pages, blogs and updating information.

Ashley WishartThe Passing of Ashley Wishart November 13th 2017

Just three days after we published the Relliancy Alliance website, 15 year old Ashley Wishart took her life to suicide on the 8th street bridge just 2 blocks from our Port Angeles WA office. My wife and I as well as our local community were so shocked by this event. I kid you not, I cried on and off for days. In the news my wife and I learned that Ashley was such a sweet spirit who was loved by many. I adopted her as my daughter in my heart and the fire to understand suicide was a blazing!

Rose and Greg Kapitan The Resiliency Alliance Becomes A Personal Passion Of Mine

We all have something that drives us in life. Myself I have many things that I am passionate about. Ashley’s untimely passing as thrusted me into a deeper understanding about suicide in our youth. This has become a passion that burns from deep within. My mother Rose Kapitan 94 had passed away just four months before Ashley. So needless to say, my heart is tender at this point in my life.

Everything Happens For A Reason

One can’t help but think that Scott Carter met Greg Kapitan for a reason. There is a reason that the universe made our paths cross. And this reason is often bigger that our earthly minds can possibly comprehend. We will let fath do the rest to take us where this message needs to be heard to save lives from suicide.

Port Angeles WA 8th street bridge The 8th Street Bridge Needs & Gets Safety Barriers

Here in Port Angeles WA that have been many that have taken their lives to suicide. My wife and I being social media geeks, we made a lot of noise in support  of the needed safety barriers in the local community. The 8th street bridge has over a 100 foot drop.

The guardrail is only 5 foot tall. Making it an easy out for teens and adults to jump. The new fencing will be over 8 feet and much more difficult to climb. Many case studies have shown that there is a 90% chance that a teen will not re attempt suicide if stopped.  That is a 90% on average in life savings! Teens are making an emotional decision that can be prevented with proper counseling and love.  With older adults that number is in the 70+ % range in life savings. On January 19 2018 the decision was unanimous to have the new safety barriers installed September 2018!

Crowd at Port Angeles Bridges for a Vigil Mourns

On February the 2nd of 2018 a Port Angeles WA group gathered around in the cold to share their thoughts and feelings. It was a moving and inspiring gathering.

Update  –  June 3rd 2018

This persons passing (Ashley) touched me so deepley. Today would have been her 16th birthday. Below is a link to a suicide awareness site that I built a page in honor of her passing and how I as well as many were affected.                                                                                               

Dear Ashley,

Today is June 3rd 2018.

We were so new to this Washington state town when we arrived late October 2017 in Port Angeles. I was grieving from my mom passing a few months before you. A few weeks latter we learned of your passing from this life in the flesh. We live on 10th street. You jumped off of the 8th street bridge just 2 streets away. We also have a home on Valley street where you touched the earth for the final time.                       

I am surrounded by you. I went to your FB page to learn more about your sweet spirit and the kind soul you are. In my heart I instantly adopted you forever as my child. Then a river of tears fell from my eyes on and off for many weeks…. What I would have done so you can have your sixteenth birthday, today . . .

Love forever, Greg

Update – Wednesday, September 19, 2018

8th Street Bridge Port Angeles Washington With Greg-KapitanThe City of Port Angeles Celebrates Suicide Barriers Completion!

The 8th street bridge in Port Angeles Washington was closed off for the celebration of the completion of the safety barriers concert! The Mayor, Deputy Mayor, State Representative and many other local notable people attended. Many hugs were exchanged. 
Local folks were thanked for their funding contributions as well as the local officials that worked so hard to find the funding. The local community worked tirelessly with cake baking, sales and other donation efforts.

This day was also the day that my daughter Theresa left Port Angeles from her week long honeymoon with her husband Kevin to head back to Utah. It is also the day that we received the news that our real estate offer for a home in Port Angeles WA was accepted. Is this just a coincidence??  Yes that is me with my hands up in the air. “It takes a village” was inscribed on the street as this is what it took to get the safety barriers funded and installed.

This as well many others is an experience that we will never forget!

We are completely honored to be part of Scott’s vision and helping him perpetuate the Resiliency Alliance vision. Teen suicide is an issue that we all can take a part in to help those in need.

Thank you,

Greg Kapitan