The Distraction Of Technology

Couple using Smartphone and Tablet

kids on cell phones The Distraction of TechnologyThe New Distraction of Technology On Our Youth

We all know technology is a distraction from the outside world, but did you know that it could also be harming your relationships. We are always looking down at our phones, no matter where we are. We miss a lot of beautiful things as we walk by looking down at the distractions in our hand. We also miss out on building relationships with the people we care about. While texting your buddies you might also miss the women of your dreams as she walks by. Our teenagers are also missing out on a lot in life. Instead of going out with friends they stay indoors to play video games. Technology may also affect our kids mentally, it can lead to depression and anxiety. So in tis blog we will be discussing the disadvantages of technology.   

Affecting Our Relationships

  • Family Time – Back before phones were a thing, families would gather around the dinner table and have actual conversations about their day. Now teenagers and even adults are so wrapped up in their phones that they don’t even know what they are missing out on at dinner time. I personally love putting my pone down at dinner time to talk to my parents, it brings us closer together. It’s not just dinner time either it’s family get together as well, most teens use their phones as an excuse not to talk to that annoying aunt or uncle, when in al actuality if you put phone down and talked to them you might actually like them.
  • Meeting New People – When we go out by ourselves to coffee shop or to a laundry mat, instead of talking to new people we get on our phones. We are missing out on the chance to meet a great person that could possibly be a friend for a lifetime or even the person of your dreams. You could be walking down the street and the perfect person for you could be walking right next to you but neither one of you notice because of the little screens in your hand.
  • Relationships With Our Children – Teenagers are a lot harder to get phones away from them then children, and you as a parent might also have a hard time stepping away from your phone. However, building relationships with your kids is essential especially when they grow up and you barely have a relationship with them. One best ways I have found to build relationships with your child is setting certain times when you both have to put you phones down and hang out together. After you build that relationship they will trust you and probably talk to you about their problems which is a good thing especially when they make a mistake.
  • Our Friendships – When we are hanging out with our friends how often do you get distracted by your phone? This can lower our friendships and possibly end them especially if your friend is trying to talk to you and your busy looking down at your phone. Maybe they have something important to tell you but you’re not paying attention. 

Affecting Our Mental Health

  • Causing Depression – It’s true that teenagers have many forms of social media’s, this opens up a whole lot of windows to being hurt. For instance, when your child isn’t invited to hang out with friends, but said friend posted a bunch of pictures of them having fun online, you child may start to feel left out or lonely.
  • Causing Anxiety – When somebody spends all their time inside instead of going out into the real world they start to lose their social skills, this can cause social anxiety making it hard for the person to talk to someone face to face, which in the end causes them to spend even more time indoors.
  • Easy Target – When you have so many social Medias it makes you an easier target for bullying. They are able to get to you on every platform. They can share personal information or post things that hurt you. This all can affect your mental health.
  • Missing The Beauty – There are a lot of beauty in the outside world that we miss out on. We are so stressed by the life technology is making for us that we don’t get to experience the amazing wonders of nature. So take a break, go hiking, go to the lake, go camping or just walk to the park and enjoy your surroundings.
  • Missing Fun Activities – Now day’s people would rather stay inside on their computers or playing video games, that they are missing out on the fun things n life, like going to the movies with a group of friends, or going out dancing. There are a lot of fun thing to do out there that doesn’t involve our phones.

Affecting Our Performance

  • Job Performance – When at work we are meant to focus on doing the job, however often times we get distracted by apps on our phone or by texting our friends. While playing on our phones we hardly get any work done causing that disappointing look from our boss and possibly a disappointed conversation. You may want that knew promotion, however you not going to get if you stay distracted by your phone.
  • School Performance – It’s true that even at school teenagers are glued to their phones, when they are on their phones instead of learning what the teacher is teaching this can cause grades to drop and possibly hurt their ability to graduate.

Conclusion on The Distraction of Technology

Put your electronics down and go experience life the way it was meant to be lived. Build relationships with the people you care about. Enjoy the beauty of nature. Work hard and get that promotion. All this can be accomplish and more without a phone in your hands 24/7. Go out there and have fun, meet new people, go on a date with someone you didn’t meet on Tinder. You can do a lot without your phone so go out there and enjoy the world. Thank you from all of us here at the Resiliency Alliance

Why Do They Bully

reasons kids bully peersWhy Do They Bully

In a lot of cases it is hard to tell why people bully others. Even though it may be hard to tell why, there is almost always a reason. Most people experience bullying before the age of twenty, in fact 1 in 2 people do. If you are a part of the 1 in 2 people that are being bullied, it may be easier to deal with it when you understand the psychology and the reasons behind bullying. If wish to understand your bully continue reading.

Psychology behind the Bully

People who bully others are looking for a source of power and control in their life. Most of the time the easiest way of doing this is to focus on something, most likely the one thing that is special about you and tear it down. They also try creating a new insecurity with an intent to hurt you either physically or emotionally. After this happens the person being bullied, starts to believe it and that belief destroys the self-esteem that person once had and they become depressed. Soon after this the person will want to know why the bully is do this and then start to blame themselves. As a result of the blame the person begins to cover up the thing that made them special and unique. The person starts by covering up their skin, dying their hair, they even may start dating someone that might change the way they appear to others. This person becomes ashamed of themselves as if there was actually something wrong with them. However they are looking at the situation all wrong it’s not that there is something wrong with them, it’s that there is something wrong with the bully.

Reasons Why They Bully

  • Trauma – Most bullies have experienced a traumatic event in the past 5 years. Some examples of this includes: death of a loved one, parents splitting up, an accident they were involved in, and being overly controlled by a guardian. Everyone reacts to trauma differently, so reacts positively, meaning they are able to mentally deal with it and get through with it, others react negatively, bringing in negative emotions like anger and hate. These feelings are something that they can’t deal with normally so they take it out on others.
  • Being Kept Quiet – Most girls are raised to speak up and told it’s okay to cry, while on the other hand most boys are raised to never cry, told that boys don’t cry, and if they did cry they were told to grow a pair or man up. Most boys that are sexually assaulted are to that they are wimps because a female was able to that to them. All this cause the person to become aggressive towards others, basically showing people that they are manly. This is guys are more likely to physically attack someone then girls.
  • Past Bullying – In some cases the person that is bullying have already been bullied in the past. The bullying that this person went through has affected the way they look at themselves and has also effected their mental state. Like in dealing with trauma, dealing with bullying also effects people differently; some people get through it and then stand up for other, this person is completely against bullying. Other people deal with it by bullying others, letting their negative emotions take over them.
  • Abuse at Home – Abuse is one of the main reasons that people bully. When someone that is supposed to protect you, hurts you mentally or physically it can seriously damage you mental state. This causes the person to act out, hurting others the way that they are being hurt at home. This bullying looks for someone that is a lot like they used to be before the abuse starting, then they use the same words or techniques that their guardian used on them. As the abuse at home gets worse the way they bully outside it gets worse too. 
  • Domestic Violence – Children often look up to their parents, so when this person sees their father beating up their mother or vice versa, even though this scares them, they believe that it is okay to bully others. They inherit the anger of their parent figure, the one they look up to the most and they follow in their footsteps.
  • Security – Those who bully often feel that their relationships and friendships are not secure. They feel like their friends make them do things that they don’t necessarily want to do. They don’t feel very supported or loved. This type of bully needs a lot of attention from others, they need that acceptance to be happy.


There are many bullies out there and many different reasons why they bully. I’m not saying that these are a good excuse for them to do what they do but it is a good way to understand them. Remember that these people need help. Thank you from the Resiliency Alliance

Bullying Types

cyber bullying Types of Cyber Bullying That Are Most Common 

There are multiple different types of cyber bullying, with four main categories. First there is cyber bullying, then you have physical bullying, next is mental bullying, then finally there is verbal bullying. There are a lot of things that fit into each of these main categories. When you suffer from bullying you can be bullied by the same person multiple different ways. The form of bullying that person uses can fit into one if not all of the categories. If you would like to learn more about each main specific type of bullying please continue reading. In this specific blog we will be discussing cyber bullying.

Cyber Bullying

This form of bullying happens only on the computer, phone, or any other form of communication that happens behind a screen. Most cyber bullying happens on some form of internet media. Some of it can happen by text message or phone calls. Most bullies that use cyber bullying as their main source of bullying instead of bullying you in person are hiding behind a screen. This basically says that they are afraid of in person confrontation, they believe that nothing can happen to them and they are untraceable because they are behind a screen. The best way to deal with this type of bullying is to screenshot or save whatever they say to you and show it to a teacher or another adult. Cyber bullying is illegal and the person can get into a lot of trouble for it.

Types of Cyber Bullying

  • MessagesThis bully will send messages that consist of name calling, insulting you or your family, putting you down, and making you feel horrible.
  • Phone CallsThis person will call you, if you pick up they will say mean things and possibly threaten you, if you don’t pick up, a smarter person wouldn’t leave message for proof. However, most bullies won’t be able to stop themselves from leaving a message due to the fact that they want to make you feel pain or fear. This makes them feel better.
  • HackingThis person was most likely a friend of yours that either is still pretending to be your friend or is no longer your friend. They know all your passwords, or know so much about you that they could guess them. This form of cyber bullying is most commonly used as revenge. They want to get back at you for something you have done that hurt them, or something you did that made them jealous. They will post things on your social media that will bring down your reputation and open you up for other types of bullying. This form of cyber bullying is probably the most dangerous and the hardest to prove.
  • CommentingThis bully will comment on everything you post, from pictures to statuses. They will leave mean messages making you feel ugly, unwanted or stupid. They will probably be using a fake account so you don’t know who it is. Remember these people like to hide.
  • Photo Pornography This person was most likely an ex-boyfriend, or girlfriend. These are people that have nude or half nude photos of you. They could be using these photos as blackmail or a way to get back at you. They will either threaten to send your photos out to the public or already have. They are using these photos to make you feel bad about your body and your sexual ambition. This can cause other forms of bullying from other people, it can also cause your reputation to drop dramatically. However if you are under the age of eighteen and have sent out or given a nude photo of yourself to another person, this is considered child pornography and is very illegal. The person that has this photo in possession can be charged and classified as a child predator. This is very risky because even if they are photos of yourself and are only in your possession, if you are under age it is still considered child pornography and is illegal.
  • Cyber stalkingThis is one of the most dangerous forms of cyberbullying and could lead to kidnapping or worse. This person is most likely a child predator and is using your online accounts to learn about, the things like and hate, places you go, things you do, and possibly where you live. They will be using an alias as a person your age and gender. They will most likely try to contact you by messenger. They already know a lot about you and now are trying to be your friend. After a while of talking to you and making you feel comfortable, they will ask to meet you. You have to be very careful when talking to strangers online. This person will target a young naive person or a person that is already being bullied, is vulnerable, and is looking for someone to be their friend. 
  • CatfishingThere are different forms of catfishing one could be stealing your online identity and trying to be you, another one is stealing some else’s identity to try to talk to you. The person stealing your identity is either trying to harm you friendships or you reputation with others. The person that stole someone else’s identity and is trying to talk to you, is most likely trying to ruin someone else’s reputation or is trying to get you to do things for them. They could be asking you for money or photographs. This person has low self-esteem and believe that you wouldn’t talk to them if they were themselves. These people could be dangerous or not at all. 

Cyber Bullying Links:

Stop Bullying . gov

Cyberbullying Wikipedia 

Kids Health Cyberbullying

NS Teans Cyber Bullying

 Cyber Bullying Conclusion

Be careful what you do online, and be careful who you trust. Don’t give out you passwords or risky photos to anyone. Keep that stuff private, even if you trust them they can turn on you on a flip of a coin. Be careful when you talk to strangers online not everyone is who they seem. When you are being cyber bullied online always record and report to and adult or authorities. Thank you from all of us here at the Resiliency Alliance

Resources Programs Suicide Awareness Prevention

resources and linksResources and Programs for Suicide Awareness & Prevention

There are many people and places that support suicide awareness. Some people do promotions to raise money for certain programs too. There is a lot of supporting groups and companies that raise awareness and prevention for suicide. So we are going to discuss these programs and share some links as well.

Programs and Websites


This website/program reaches out to all people of all ages. Douglas Jacobs, M.D. is the founder of this program and it all started in 1980 when he and his colleagues decided to start screening for mental illnesses. From that initial National Depression Screening Day in 1990, their programming has expanded immensely. They also have National Depression Screening Day in October, National Alcohol Screening Day in April and the National Eating Disorders Program which is promoted annually during the National Eating Disorders Awareness Week which is the last week of February. They have a lot of programs for schools from middle school to college and programs for the workplace as well.

SPTSSociety for Prevention of Teen Suicide

The mission of the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide is to reduce the number of youth suicides and attempted suicides by encouraging public awareness through the development and promotion of educational training programs. It all started in 2005 by two friends who lost teenaged children to suicide. The two men found that suicide was the third leading cause of death for America’s youth. They were determined to do whatever they could to protect other families from the loss of a loved one. They have programs for teachers and role models, so they can learn how to talk to their children about teen suicide. They have in-person training, as well as at home guides.

Yellow Ribbon    

The Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program is dedicated to preventing suicide and attempts by making suicide prevention accessible to everyone and removing barriers to help. This program began in 1994 after many pleas from teens and adults after the loss of a friend and a loved one. After this teens started pinning yellow ribbons to yellow papers that said “please don’t do this, please talk to someone” that was said by the person’s family. Eventually the teens started to mail them everywhere. Within three weeks came a girl who got help when she gave her yellow message she had received in the mail to her teacher and received help. The Ripple Effect had begun. After the ripple effect began they started programs to travel so they could help people, teach, and share things. They do presentations and provide support for survivors. You can also donate to help support these programs.

People That Raise Awareness

Not only are there programs that raise suicide awareness, there are also people that use their influence on their fans to raise awareness and money for suicide. Many celebrities and Youtubers help towards these programs.

  • Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez was recently filmed for a project called “Ten Second Portraits,” which shows celebrities and other people raw, without any editing and without the opportunity to “pose” in front of a camera. This video helped her reveal that she suffers from anxiety.

  • Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato may as well be the reigning champion of mental health awareness. After struggling with body image issues and an eating disorder, Lovato now maintains a healthy lifestyle and is dedicated in spreading the positivity. She said “It’s my mission to share this with the world and to let them know that there is life on the other side of those dark times”

  • Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama, Demi Lovato’s boyfriend not only supports his girlfriend but everyone else that is struggling with mental illness.

  •   Halle Berry

Halle Berry used her role in Frankie and Alice to support those with mental illnesses. Her main message is hope. She understands that people who suffer from mental illness often struggle. 

  • Glenn Close

The Close family decided to come out about their struggles with mental illness together. Since their struggles, Glenn Close has brought awareness to the disease via campaigns like Bring Change 2 Mind.

  • Mark Fischbach

Mark Fischbach more commonly known as Markiplier, a Youtuber that not only raises money for many organizations but also raised money for depression. He raises money for different charities once a month.

  • Seán McLoughlin

Seán McLoughlin is another youtuber that raises money for charity, he goes by Jacksepticeye. He recently raised over 200,000 dollars for suicide awareness


There are many people and programs out there to help. Many people have gone similar things and are there to help. Nobody is 100% alone. If you ever feel alone remember you can always reach out because there are a lot of places willing to help you get better. We hope that you have found the Resources and Programs for Suicide Awareness & Prevention most helpful. Thank you from all of us at the Resiliency Alliance

Reasons Teens Contemplate Suicide

teen suicide UtahThe Reasons Why Many Teens Contemplate Suicide

There are multiple reasons why people and teens contemplate suicide, all through the ages, today however, we will be discussing the reasons why teens do and the ways we can help prevent them from actually going through with it. We will also discuss how we as the adult can help them work through it.

Reasons for Contemplating

Feeling of Hopelessness and Helplessness

The most common reason teens think of suicide as an option, is do to the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. The age group of 12 to 18 often feel helpless because there is not much they can do to either help their families in their time of need, or help themselves through the emotions they have. The world can seem so much bigger through the eyes of a young adult. Most of them have no idea how they are going to survive on their own in the real world, or what they are going to do with their life. Therefore, they feel helpless and scared, they think that it would be easier to die then face their blurry future. At this point in time they often feel lost, confused, terrified of what might happen to them.   

teen suicide Utah quotesBullying 

Well it’s no secret hat most kids today face bullying, whether its online or in person. Other kids can be very cruel. Your kid could be facing a bully everyday and most of the time it’s not easy to tell. Telling if your child is getting physically bullied is a lot easier to ell then if they are being mentally bullied. Even though most kids can get very good at hiding the bruises. The one reason they do hide it could be due to embarrassment and/or trust in the adults that surround them. While physical bully is painful, verbal/mental bullying can be much worse. Due to the fact that physical bullying is easy to get rid of and easier to deal with.

Mental bullying is much harder to see and affects them emotionally. Things people say often break down the mind of the teen. Words can hurt worse than a broken bone. After a while of constantly hearing something, you start to believe it, that is where the problem starts.  Especially when the teen is getting told to kill themselves every day, or that the world would be better without them, once they start to believe it they think it was their idea.


Abuse at home is another leading factor in suicide contemplation for teens. If you are the teens teacher or maybe just their friend it would be pretty hard to see it’s happening. Maybe, to the outside world their home seems great, maybe it seems likes its filled with love. It seems like this in most cases. This is because not only are the teens hiding it but so re the adults. Maybe they aren’t being abused all the time, maybe its just when the parents get frustrated or are under the influence, maybe it only happens once a week, or maybe it’s every single day. Regardless of when it happens, or how much it happens, it still affects the teen just the same.

Think about it, a person that is supposed to love and support you unconditionally no matter what happens, suddenly starts to beat on you, mentally abuse you, tell you you were a mistake, blames you for things that are happening in their life. When that happens, you start to feel worthless, hopeless, and alone. No one wants to feel that way especially a teen that doesn’t have full control of their emotions yet. 


Being a disappointment is a hard feeling for anyone however, when your young you want to be good at everything and you don’t want to disappoint any of the people you love. So, when a teen starts to fail at something the fear of disappointing someone sets in, especially if they feel as though they must prove themselves to someone. After being called a disappointment by someone enough times it starts to chip away at your self esteem and at your mental state. Then your motivation disappears, your fear of being a disappointment grows and you start to feel like a burden. Then you start to believe then everyone would be better without you there to bring them down.

Losing A Loved One

Losing someone you love can be incredibly hard on your mental state, especially if you feel like they were the only one that truly understood you. Learning to live life without that person is tough and can even make you want to join them. After losing them you will probably want to hold on to them for as long as possible. However, that is no good for you or your emotions, even though letting go them hurts, it will be so much easier.

Mental Illness

In some cases, having suicidal thoughts is something can’t be prevented, just helped. Sometimes it’s to a chemical imbalance in your brain. This can only be controlled by medication, or a lot of mental strength. Your life can be perfect, you could have everything you have ever wanted, and still have suicidal thoughts. It’s no one’s fault, all it is, is a chemical imbalance in your brain. 

How You Can Help

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or a friend there are a few ways you can help. Building your trust with them is the first thing you should do. Get them to talk to you without forcing them to. Ask them about what is happening to them in their life, that is putting them in this mental state. Then talk to them about the options. If it’s bullying, you can talk to the principle, or even move them to a different school. If it’s abuse you can go to the state, or turn the parents into The Department of Child Service and have the child removed from the home.

If it is emotional you could have the teen talk to a counselor, a therapist, or even talking to someone they can trust helps. Help them figure out their future and discuss options with them. Don’t ever make your child feel like a disappointment just because they aren’t good at something. If they have recently lost someone, stand by them and help them grieve. If you believe that there is nothing wrong in their life and nothing that could possibly affect them, it might be a good idea to take to the doctor, and the doctor will refer you from there.

teen suicide Utah quotesConclusion

If you child or teen is having a hard time, try to be understanding, their mental state is a lot easier to break then yours is being an adult. Build trust with them, don’t get angry at them for things they can’t control. Work with them and help them figure out their future. Most importantly tell them that everything will be okay. We hope that you have enjoyed the reasons why teens contemplate suicide.  Thank you from all of us here at the Resiliency Alliance

Depression Thoughts Poem

An inspiring Poem On Suicidal Thoughts

“When I’m going through my states of depression and suicidal thoughts I like to write, it helps me get what I’m feeling out of my head and onto a page. So, since this is such a personal subject I’m going to share one of my poems with you”

There’s this monster

We call depression

It looks us in the eye

Every morning

And tells us we are not good enough to survive

This monster calls us ugly

This monster calls us worthless

This monster calls us unwanted

And the only thing we can call this monster is death

Because for some of us death is the only option

But that’s the funny thing

Suicide doesn’t kill this monster

It only sets it free

Free to move on to the closest person it can find

And that person can be

Your mother

Your father

Your sister

Or your brother

And sometimes this monster is strong enough to take over them all

When these monsters take control

They take our mind body and soul

Like a black hole

Ripping us apart from the inside out

They make our tears fall

Till we feel nothing at all

Until we are completely numb

And there is nothing left of us

We are just a walking corpse

Waiting for the perfect moment

To tie the rope

But suicide is not the only way out

Let go

Let go of the pain

Let go of the hate

Let go of the tears

Let them roll down your cheeks

Let the storm come

Because the storm will pass

And you will come out strong enough

To kill the monster inside…


Winter Judd

Please feel to comment your thoughts below . . .


utah homelessness

Homeless in All Ages

Being homeless in and of itself is horrible and stressful, however, being homeless and a teenager is even worse. Due to the fact you have a young mind and you are more perceptive to negativity. Being a homeless teen can be depressing because you have nowhere to go, no family, no friends and not very many people can help you.

You don’t know what to do, do you try to continue schooling or give up the chance at a high school degree and just get a job? What if you aren’t old enough to get a job? What are you supposed to do then? Panhandling is what most homeless people resort to, which is embarrassing, no one likes to ask strangers for money, however that is the only option they have left. What makes it even harder, we have privileged people who have never had to pray for their next meal, hoping it comes soon, judging them.


In Utah around 2014, it is estimated that 13,621 persons experience homelessness. Families make up 45 percent of the total homeless population. In 2008, at the time of the recession the number of homeless teens was a at 11,270. Since 2012 homelessness has steadily been decreasing, however it is still a big problem today. The average homeless person has a life expectancy of 47, compared to 77 for the rest of the population: a startling difference of 30 years. The life expectancy for women was even lower, at just 43 years.

Homeless and Sickness

 It is no surprise that many homeless people suffer from many different diseases and disabilities, both physical and mental. However with homelessness come losing insurance, which means they can’t get the right help. Without help the sicknesses worsens. One of the main reasons homeless people get sick is because they don’t have the ability to shower. This can cause many different illnesses such as: hepatitis A, B, and C, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS.

These diseases can also be caused by compromised immune systems, poor nutrition and hygiene, and frequent overcrowding at shelters. Other health problems that may result from homelessness include malnutrition, parasitic infestations, dental and periodontal disease, degenerative joint diseases, venereal diseases, hepatic cirrhosis secondary to alcoholism, and infectious hepatitis related to intravenous (IV) drug abuse. For even the most routine medical treatment, the state of being homeless makes treatment extraordinarily difficult. The need for bed rest is complicated, if not impossible. When the patient does not have a bed, or must leave the shelter in the early morning. For example, diabetes, usually is not difficult to treat in a person. For most people, daily insulin injections and control of diet are adequate. In a homeless person, however, treatment is virtually impossible: Some types of insulin need to be refrigerated; syringes may be stolen or, sometimes, the homeless diabetic may be mistaken for an IV drug abuser. Also, the diet of a homeless person cannot be controlled, due to the fact that the soup kitchens serve whatever they can get.

Frostbite is one of the main skin diseases in the homeless person, since the homeless shelter is first come first serve, while might not be that big of a problem in the summertime, it is a huge problem in the winter. As it gets colder at night, more people head for the shelter, which makes finding a bed an impossible act. This means that for a few nights out of the week you are sleeping outside, where frostbite will surely set in. Frost pain causes a lot of pain, and in the worst-case scenario, the death of a limb. Each year, about 700 homeless people die from hypothermia.

Work Force and The Homeless

When some one who has never had to struggle through life looks at homeless person, the scowl and say, “If you just got a job you wouldn’t be homeless anymore.” This in itself is completely false. For one it’s not as easy as it was for you, they have problems with hygiene and contact ability, for two transportations is even more difficult, and for three the loss of a job and not be able to find another one is probably why most of them are homeless.

The first difficulty people face in finding a new job, is the fact that there are not many out there, or the jobs that are hiring require certain types of skills or education, and for a person that couldn’t afford college when they were young or couldn’t pass high school, makes the amount of jobs available much scarcer. If they do somehow find a job that fits with their abilities, and are willing to hire them, there is no way to contact them, unless they go to a library and use the computers every day, however, it is not promised that they will be allowed to use them. Also, have you even showed up to an interview, smelly and underdressed, with untamed hair and stains on every piece of clothing you have? That makes it even harder for them to get hired, that’s only if they’re able to find transportation to the job sight, for the interview.

Therefore, finding and getting a job is much more difficult to do for them then it is for you. Besides that, fact most of them just don’t have the energy for it anymore. So instead of glaring or making snide comments, try having a conversation with one of them or simply smile and wave, that little bit of positivity in their life makes a huge difference to them.

Teen Homelessness

Like I said earlier being a homeless teen is even harder than being a homeless adult. You must make adult decisions with such a young mind. The struggle with school and eventually are forced to give up school due to lack of hygiene, sleep, and other things. This causes major damage to their future. There are many causes towards homeless teen, their parents could have kicked them out for many reasons, pregnancy, coming out as homosexual, or drug abuse. Another reason is their legal guardians could have abandoned or passed away on them.

There are many different roads a homeless teen, the first one they can fight to be strong enough, fight against all odds to not give up, and they might be able to get off the street one day. Another one, they could turn to drug abuse and gangs, with their young manipulatable mind, this is the case for most homeless teens, this street can end in incarceration or even worse death.


Now for a success story one that I found in my own home town in Utah. This only happen to select few homeless people, this person was very lucky, and they want to share their story. However, they wish to remain anonymous. So, without further ado here is the interview.

Q: How old were you when you were first introduced to homelessness?

A: I was 14 years old

Q: What was the reason behind becoming homeless

A: My family was divided and my legal guardians past away.

Q: What was the first thing you thought when you first became homeless

A: What was I going to do and how I was going to survive.

Q: How long did you remain homeless?

A: 2 Years.

Q: How did being homeless affect your schooling?

A: I started failing school, I tried really hard to go and stay in school, but in the end, I ended up dropping out to get a job.

Q: How hard was it to find and get a job?

A: For me it wasn’t that hard, because I was referred by people I met on the streets

Q: How did you take care of yourself with hygiene and sleeping?

A: I stayed at multiple different peoples houses and used their showers and couches.

Q: When you first became homeless how did you eat?

A: People I knew would give me food or I would just go without eating.

Q: Did you have any problems with gangs, drug abuse or alcohol, in you or the people that surrounded you?

A: My friends associated their life with drugs, I however, used alcohol as a coping mechanism for depression and stress.

Q: With being depressed and having your friends surrounding you with drugs how did you not give into drug abuse.

A: I watched what it did to my friends and how it killed some of them, and I didn’t want that life for myself.

Q: How did you get yourself off the street, what did you do next?

A: After I finally got a job, and saved enough money, I found a cheap apartment I could move into. After I got the apartment I signed back up for school and got another job, so I was working two jobs and going to school.

Q: How has your life changed since then?

A: After a while I met the love of my life, got married and had a few kids. I am so glad I fought to have the life I have now. I don’t know where I would be today, if I had given up.


So, in conclusion, don’t underestimate how hard it is to deal with homelessness. If you see one of them on the street, be humble and kind. Help if you can, think what it would be like, if this person you just seen was you.  What would it take for you?  Maybe just a kind smile is all it takes. You don’t have to give money, just volunteer some of your time, or you could even donate canned goods or clothes you don’t wear anymore. Currently in this day and age and our economy, helping out, being positive and lending a hand is the best thing you could do because one day it could be you. It is so much easier to lose everything then it is to get it all back.

Ending Poem

Why don’t they want me

How could they leave me

Why is this life not what it’s meant to be

On a rainy day

The cold clings to me

Threatening the only warmth I have left in me

On cold nights like this

I think of the day

I lost everything

the love

the pride

the ability to strive

The day

You left me here

To fight for me life

To fight for my future

But it’s not as easy as it seems to be

With the whole entire world looking down on me

With every step that I take

I’m threatening to break

The glares from you to me

And the fact that I can’t eat

I’m getting weak

I’m losing the ability to speak

Then I saw you standing

With the most beautiful stare

A smile

A wave

That captivates me

As I look down I see

That she’s holding something out to me

With warmth in my hand

And a grateful smile on my face 

I Realize

I can’t give up

I will stand up

Without you

I will find my own way

To survive

To live

And finally

To strive

By: Winter Judd


Thank you from all of us here at The Resiliency Alliance