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Parents are able to obtain a free parent packets with family resiliency information when they attend a parent seminar. These packets have also been made available here to download for free. The information in these packets is intended to help parent and families improve their skills and have increased resources and knowledge for how to respond in the event of a crisis, either in their own home or in other homes that have the need. There are two packets and the information in them is as follows:

First Parent Packet 1: Effective interventions and advocacy – This packet will contain vital information for intervening effectively in the event of a suicidal youth. This packet will include resources and how to advocate for youth.

Second Parent Packet: Building family resiliency through improving parent-teen relationships – Families become more resilient when they work together instead of against each other. We assert that people are strong when they work together and this packet provides specific skill that are intended to help parents work with their kids instead of against them. There are four main areas outlines in this packet and encourage parents to work on all four areas.

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