About Scott Carter

Scott Carter photoAbout Scott Carter Founder of The Resiliency Alliance

Scott started working with troubled youth in 2001. He worked in treatment centers throughout college as part of his graduate program. Scott worked in other capacities as well that dealt with troubled youth which gave him a lot of exposure to various teen issues. Everything from drug use, mental health problems and family issues.

Scott’s Beginning In Mental Health As A Therapist

Scott started working as a therapist in 2010 and continued in his specialty in treating teen issues while working with parents and families. In 2011 Scott developed his own six week parenting class. This he was also able to teach to parents and as a result from that class he wrote a parenting eBook called “The Power Parenting Method.” As a therapist, Scott always had teens and families as his primary area of expertise. He has worked to help parents resolve issues ranging in mental health, to relationship problems and behavior issues.

2015 A New Private Practice

In 2015 Scott Carter opened his private practice and he has been working in it ever since. In the last two years, Scott has become more and more concerned with the ever growing rates of teen suicide. Last year, in 2017, he started working part time in a Salt Lake City high school because he wanted to get more involved in community work and expand my efforts to help teens and families in our local communities. The school that he provide services to has had the highest number of completed suicides in the entire state of Utah.

A Reality Check

It was around the end of summer when Scott was on facebook and his attention was caught by an article about a local legislator that was wanting to make changes to school curriculum in order to address the ever rising numbers of teen suicide. Scott immediately contacted him because he felt like this was a poor allocation of resources and an insufficient way to tackle this issue. He expressed to him that he was part of a community partnership that put a therapist in a public school and that it would be far more helpful to put qualified and experienced professionals into similar positions in the schools. To my surprise, he emailed me back quickly. Scott was disappointed because this person seemed more interested defending his initiative than finding potentially better ones.

The Birth Of The Rellicancy Alliance Progrham

It was then that Scott asked himself, “what I would do if I was the one calling the shots” and thus the Resiliency Alliance was born! Scotts goal is to build more resilient teens and families to deal with mental health problems and teen suicide. He decided that it wasn’t enough to just educate people on prevention resources but it would be more effective to teach teens and families the right kinds of skills to endure hardship rather than avoid it.
Since then, Scott has been creating his own Resiliency Alliance program and curriculum. He has been actively asking teens about suicide and including them in the process. He gives them a voice and help them understand that their input is not only important but crucial to solving this problem. Scott Carter hopes you will join The Resiliency Alliance and bring your own contributions to this and help us build a more resilient society.