The Distraction Of Technology

kids on cell phones The Distraction of TechnologyThe New Distraction of Technology On Our Youth

We all know technology is a distraction from the outside world, but did you know that it could also be harming your relationships. We are always looking down at our phones, no matter where we are. We miss a lot of beautiful things as we walk by looking down at the distractions in our hand. We also miss out on building relationships with the people we care about. While texting your buddies you might also miss the women of your dreams as she walks by. Our teenagers are also missing out on a lot in life. Instead of going out with friends they stay indoors to play video games. Technology may also affect our kids mentally, it can lead to depression and anxiety. So in tis blog we will be discussing the disadvantages of technology.   

Affecting Our Relationships

  • Family Time – Back before phones were a thing, families would gather around the dinner table and have actual conversations about their day. Now teenagers and even adults are so wrapped up in their phones that they don’t even know what they are missing out on at dinner time. I personally love putting my pone down at dinner time to talk to my parents, it brings us closer together. It’s not just dinner time either it’s family get together as well, most teens use their phones as an excuse not to talk to that annoying aunt or uncle, when in al actuality if you put phone down and talked to them you might actually like them.
  • Meeting New People – When we go out by ourselves to coffee shop or to a laundry mat, instead of talking to new people we get on our phones. We are missing out on the chance to meet a great person that could possibly be a friend for a lifetime or even the person of your dreams. You could be walking down the street and the perfect person for you could be walking right next to you but neither one of you notice because of the little screens in your hand.
  • Relationships With Our Children – Teenagers are a lot harder to get phones away from them then children, and you as a parent might also have a hard time stepping away from your phone. However, building relationships with your kids is essential especially when they grow up and you barely have a relationship with them. One best ways I have found to build relationships with your child is setting certain times when you both have to put you phones down and hang out together. After you build that relationship they will trust you and probably talk to you about their problems which is a good thing especially when they make a mistake.
  • Our Friendships – When we are hanging out with our friends how often do you get distracted by your phone? This can lower our friendships and possibly end them especially if your friend is trying to talk to you and your busy looking down at your phone. Maybe they have something important to tell you but you’re not paying attention. 

Affecting Our Mental Health

  • Causing Depression – It’s true that teenagers have many forms of social media’s, this opens up a whole lot of windows to being hurt. For instance, when your child isn’t invited to hang out with friends, but said friend posted a bunch of pictures of them having fun online, you child may start to feel left out or lonely.
  • Causing Anxiety – When somebody spends all their time inside instead of going out into the real world they start to lose their social skills, this can cause social anxiety making it hard for the person to talk to someone face to face, which in the end causes them to spend even more time indoors.
  • Easy Target – When you have so many social Medias it makes you an easier target for bullying. They are able to get to you on every platform. They can share personal information or post things that hurt you. This all can affect your mental health.
  • Missing The Beauty – There are a lot of beauty in the outside world that we miss out on. We are so stressed by the life technology is making for us that we don’t get to experience the amazing wonders of nature. So take a break, go hiking, go to the lake, go camping or just walk to the park and enjoy your surroundings.
  • Missing Fun Activities – Now day’s people would rather stay inside on their computers or playing video games, that they are missing out on the fun things n life, like going to the movies with a group of friends, or going out dancing. There are a lot of fun thing to do out there that doesn’t involve our phones.

Affecting Our Performance

  • Job Performance – When at work we are meant to focus on doing the job, however often times we get distracted by apps on our phone or by texting our friends. While playing on our phones we hardly get any work done causing that disappointing look from our boss and possibly a disappointed conversation. You may want that knew promotion, however you not going to get if you stay distracted by your phone.
  • School Performance – It’s true that even at school teenagers are glued to their phones, when they are on their phones instead of learning what the teacher is teaching this can cause grades to drop and possibly hurt their ability to graduate.

Conclusion on The Distraction of Technology

Put your electronics down and go experience life the way it was meant to be lived. Build relationships with the people you care about. Enjoy the beauty of nature. Work hard and get that promotion. All this can be accomplish and more without a phone in your hands 24/7. Go out there and have fun, meet new people, go on a date with someone you didn’t meet on Tinder. You can do a lot without your phone so go out there and enjoy the world. Thank you from all of us here at the Resiliency Alliance

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