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cyber bullying Types of Cyber Bullying That Are Most Common 

There are multiple different types of cyber bullying, with four main categories. First there is cyber bullying, then you have physical bullying, next is mental bullying, then finally there is verbal bullying. There are a lot of things that fit into each of these main categories. When you suffer from bullying you can be bullied by the same person multiple different ways. The form of bullying that person uses can fit into one if not all of the categories. If you would like to learn more about each main specific type of bullying please continue reading. In this specific blog we will be discussing cyber bullying.

Cyber Bullying

This form of bullying happens only on the computer, phone, or any other form of communication that happens behind a screen. Most cyber bullying happens on some form of internet media. Some of it can happen by text message or phone calls. Most bullies that use cyber bullying as their main source of bullying instead of bullying you in person are hiding behind a screen. This basically says that they are afraid of in person confrontation, they believe that nothing can happen to them and they are untraceable because they are behind a screen. The best way to deal with this type of bullying is to screenshot or save whatever they say to you and show it to a teacher or another adult. Cyber bullying is illegal and the person can get into a lot of trouble for it.

Types of Cyber Bullying

  • MessagesThis bully will send messages that consist of name calling, insulting you or your family, putting you down, and making you feel horrible.
  • Phone CallsThis person will call you, if you pick up they will say mean things and possibly threaten you, if you don’t pick up, a smarter person wouldn’t leave message for proof. However, most bullies won’t be able to stop themselves from leaving a message due to the fact that they want to make you feel pain or fear. This makes them feel better.
  • HackingThis person was most likely a friend of yours that either is still pretending to be your friend or is no longer your friend. They know all your passwords, or know so much about you that they could guess them. This form of cyber bullying is most commonly used as revenge. They want to get back at you for something you have done that hurt them, or something you did that made them jealous. They will post things on your social media that will bring down your reputation and open you up for other types of bullying. This form of cyber bullying is probably the most dangerous and the hardest to prove.
  • CommentingThis bully will comment on everything you post, from pictures to statuses. They will leave mean messages making you feel ugly, unwanted or stupid. They will probably be using a fake account so you don’t know who it is. Remember these people like to hide.
  • Photo Pornography This person was most likely an ex-boyfriend, or girlfriend. These are people that have nude or half nude photos of you. They could be using these photos as blackmail or a way to get back at you. They will either threaten to send your photos out to the public or already have. They are using these photos to make you feel bad about your body and your sexual ambition. This can cause other forms of bullying from other people, it can also cause your reputation to drop dramatically. However if you are under the age of eighteen and have sent out or given a nude photo of yourself to another person, this is considered child pornography and is very illegal. The person that has this photo in possession can be charged and classified as a child predator. This is very risky because even if they are photos of yourself and are only in your possession, if you are under age it is still considered child pornography and is illegal.
  • Cyber stalkingThis is one of the most dangerous forms of cyberbullying and could lead to kidnapping or worse. This person is most likely a child predator and is using your online accounts to learn about, the things like and hate, places you go, things you do, and possibly where you live. They will be using an alias as a person your age and gender. They will most likely try to contact you by messenger. They already know a lot about you and now are trying to be your friend. After a while of talking to you and making you feel comfortable, they will ask to meet you. You have to be very careful when talking to strangers online. This person will target a young naive person or a person that is already being bullied, is vulnerable, and is looking for someone to be their friend. 
  • CatfishingThere are different forms of catfishing one could be stealing your online identity and trying to be you, another one is stealing some else’s identity to try to talk to you. The person stealing your identity is either trying to harm you friendships or you reputation with others. The person that stole someone else’s identity and is trying to talk to you, is most likely trying to ruin someone else’s reputation or is trying to get you to do things for them. They could be asking you for money or photographs. This person has low self-esteem and believe that you wouldn’t talk to them if they were themselves. These people could be dangerous or not at all. 

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 Cyber Bullying Conclusion

Be careful what you do online, and be careful who you trust. Don’t give out you passwords or risky photos to anyone. Keep that stuff private, even if you trust them they can turn on you on a flip of a coin. Be careful when you talk to strangers online not everyone is who they seem. When you are being cyber bullied online always record and report to and adult or authorities. Thank you from all of us here at the Resiliency Alliance

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