Reasons Teens Contemplate Suicide

teen suicide UtahThe Reasons Why Many Teens Contemplate Suicide

There are multiple reasons why people and teens contemplate suicide, all through the ages, today however, we will be discussing the reasons why teens do and the ways we can help prevent them from actually going through with it. We will also discuss how we as the adult can help them work through it.

Reasons for Contemplating

Feeling of Hopelessness and Helplessness

The most common reason teens think of suicide as an option, is do to the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. The age group of 12 to 18 often feel helpless because there is not much they can do to either help their families in their time of need, or help themselves through the emotions they have. The world can seem so much bigger through the eyes of a young adult. Most of them have no idea how they are going to survive on their own in the real world, or what they are going to do with their life. Therefore, they feel helpless and scared, they think that it would be easier to die then face their blurry future. At this point in time they often feel lost, confused, terrified of what might happen to them.   

teen suicide Utah quotesBullying 

Well it’s no secret hat most kids today face bullying, whether its online or in person. Other kids can be very cruel. Your kid could be facing a bully everyday and most of the time it’s not easy to tell. Telling if your child is getting physically bullied is a lot easier to ell then if they are being mentally bullied. Even though most kids can get very good at hiding the bruises. The one reason they do hide it could be due to embarrassment and/or trust in the adults that surround them. While physical bully is painful, verbal/mental bullying can be much worse. Due to the fact that physical bullying is easy to get rid of and easier to deal with.

Mental bullying is much harder to see and affects them emotionally. Things people say often break down the mind of the teen. Words can hurt worse than a broken bone. After a while of constantly hearing something, you start to believe it, that is where the problem starts.  Especially when the teen is getting told to kill themselves every day, or that the world would be better without them, once they start to believe it they think it was their idea.


Abuse at home is another leading factor in suicide contemplation for teens. If you are the teens teacher or maybe just their friend it would be pretty hard to see it’s happening. Maybe, to the outside world their home seems great, maybe it seems likes its filled with love. It seems like this in most cases. This is because not only are the teens hiding it but so re the adults. Maybe they aren’t being abused all the time, maybe its just when the parents get frustrated or are under the influence, maybe it only happens once a week, or maybe it’s every single day. Regardless of when it happens, or how much it happens, it still affects the teen just the same.

Think about it, a person that is supposed to love and support you unconditionally no matter what happens, suddenly starts to beat on you, mentally abuse you, tell you you were a mistake, blames you for things that are happening in their life. When that happens, you start to feel worthless, hopeless, and alone. No one wants to feel that way especially a teen that doesn’t have full control of their emotions yet. 


Being a disappointment is a hard feeling for anyone however, when your young you want to be good at everything and you don’t want to disappoint any of the people you love. So, when a teen starts to fail at something the fear of disappointing someone sets in, especially if they feel as though they must prove themselves to someone. After being called a disappointment by someone enough times it starts to chip away at your self esteem and at your mental state. Then your motivation disappears, your fear of being a disappointment grows and you start to feel like a burden. Then you start to believe then everyone would be better without you there to bring them down.

Losing A Loved One

Losing someone you love can be incredibly hard on your mental state, especially if you feel like they were the only one that truly understood you. Learning to live life without that person is tough and can even make you want to join them. After losing them you will probably want to hold on to them for as long as possible. However, that is no good for you or your emotions, even though letting go them hurts, it will be so much easier.

Mental Illness

In some cases, having suicidal thoughts is something can’t be prevented, just helped. Sometimes it’s to a chemical imbalance in your brain. This can only be controlled by medication, or a lot of mental strength. Your life can be perfect, you could have everything you have ever wanted, and still have suicidal thoughts. It’s no one’s fault, all it is, is a chemical imbalance in your brain. 

How You Can Help

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or a friend there are a few ways you can help. Building your trust with them is the first thing you should do. Get them to talk to you without forcing them to. Ask them about what is happening to them in their life, that is putting them in this mental state. Then talk to them about the options. If it’s bullying, you can talk to the principle, or even move them to a different school. If it’s abuse you can go to the state, or turn the parents into The Department of Child Service and have the child removed from the home.

If it is emotional you could have the teen talk to a counselor, a therapist, or even talking to someone they can trust helps. Help them figure out their future and discuss options with them. Don’t ever make your child feel like a disappointment just because they aren’t good at something. If they have recently lost someone, stand by them and help them grieve. If you believe that there is nothing wrong in their life and nothing that could possibly affect them, it might be a good idea to take to the doctor, and the doctor will refer you from there.

teen suicide Utah quotesConclusion

If you child or teen is having a hard time, try to be understanding, their mental state is a lot easier to break then yours is being an adult. Build trust with them, don’t get angry at them for things they can’t control. Work with them and help them figure out their future. Most importantly tell them that everything will be okay. We hope that you have enjoyed the reasons why teens contemplate suicide.  Thank you from all of us here at the Resiliency Alliance

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