Depression Thoughts Poem

An inspiring Poem On Suicidal Thoughts

“When I’m going through my states of depression and suicidal thoughts I like to write, it helps me get what I’m feeling out of my head and onto a page. So, since this is such a personal subject I’m going to share one of my poems with you”

There’s this monster

We call depression

It looks us in the eye

Every morning

And tells us we are not good enough to survive

This monster calls us ugly

This monster calls us worthless

This monster calls us unwanted

And the only thing we can call this monster is death

Because for some of us death is the only option

But that’s the funny thing

Suicide doesn’t kill this monster

It only sets it free

Free to move on to the closest person it can find

And that person can be

Your mother

Your father

Your sister

Or your brother

And sometimes this monster is strong enough to take over them all

When these monsters take control

They take our mind body and soul

Like a black hole

Ripping us apart from the inside out

They make our tears fall

Till we feel nothing at all

Until we are completely numb

And there is nothing left of us

We are just a walking corpse

Waiting for the perfect moment

To tie the rope

But suicide is not the only way out

Let go

Let go of the pain

Let go of the hate

Let go of the tears

Let them roll down your cheeks

Let the storm come

Because the storm will pass

And you will come out strong enough

To kill the monster inside…


Winter Judd

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